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How to Choose Unique Cheap Stock Photos


You already know that cheap stock photos, as being recommended by, and illustrations are powerful tools in capturing and retaining the attention of your customers. You may have already signed up for smaller or bigger stock photo agencies in the market to get the most gorgeous, professional-quality images. Then, you do not need to hire the services of a full-time illustrator or photographer. Thanks to stock photo websites, you can also access images that you can’t otherwise afford. (Additional source.)

To get your hands on the best images you need for your creative projects, here are some tips on how to choose unique cheap stock images.

  • Get creative with keywords. When you search for specific subjects on stock photo sites today, you will find an overwhelming number of choices. Typically, other people will click the first good picture they see. While you can scroll through hundreds of pages to find a unique image of your subject, it would take up a lot of your time. To avoid looking at every image of the same subject, use specific keywords to narrow down your results. 

For instance, you can add adjectives in your initial search. Instead of scouring through hundreds of thousands of stock photos cheap, you can narrow down your choices to a couple hundreds.

  • Check out other pages. As mentioned above, typical creative professionals use the first images they see when searching for cheap photos. If you want to use unique images without spending too much time, skip the first page of results and directly go to the third or seventh page. While there are a number of great images in the first page, there are better images buried deep into the results.
  • Look for exclusive stock photos. Most stock photographers submit their images to different stock photo websites. This means that you can end up with the same images as your competitors even if you are not using the same image source. It is good news that some stock sites offer exclusive images. For instance, iStock have images labeled as “Only from iStock” so you can be sure they will not come up in your searches from other sites. Also, check the number of purchases, downloads and uses of the image to get an idea of how many times they are used.
  • Use filters. To narrow down your results, use filters such as license type, color, orientation, image size and many more. Depending on your creative needs, use these filters to your advantage. They can save you a lot of time from searching over millions of photo choices.

Take note of the above tips to find unique cheap stock images for your creative projects. If you ever need finding the perfect image, go back to this article and save time searching for the best image to represent you and your company.